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                                      The city Harkány

harkanyi_templom.jpgThe one with active traffic with international news thermal- and holiday resort, on the 58 main road from Pécs 25 km lies close to the Croatian border.

Harkány one single of the country's city like that, for which one worldwide The Dead Sea is similar to his popular and acknowledged medicinal water with conditions apart from Mexico only takes action.

Became famous in only 1823 when János, a Gyűd serf are pagan in the course of a marsh drainage because of his trouble luckily and perfectly got rid. The city's fast upswing followed this. The owners of the lordship of Siklós, Batthyány a family had the bath, which the wide publicity put at his disposal, built up.

tenkes_hegyseg.jpgThe city with a Mediterranean climate Villány - it is kept in mind as Siklósi Borút member, his grape plantations and his cellars extend on Tenkes mountain noon slope where several are with pleasant flavour and aroma wine is revealed, than Irsai Olivér a soft and succulent white wine and the "Portugieser"- (port) a stout red wine.



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